Yu Kurosaki Fujin Sujihiki 240mm VG10



This Sujihiki is from Yu Kurosaki's Fujin, it is the last of the VG10 steel as this series is now made from SG2 stel. The Fujin series is inspired by driving rain, for the tsuchime pattern on this knife. This is for the blade only, no handle.

Yu Kurosaki is a young artisan blacksmith in Takafu knife village, Echizen. He is  known for his tsuchime finishes and blending traditional blacksmithing techniques with modern metallurgy technology.

A Sujihiki, “meat slicer”, is a double bevel knife used for slicing raw and cooked meats. The thin width of the knife helps reduce sticking and the length reduces the need for sawing through food.

Details and Specifications

Maker:  Yu Kurosaki
Shape:  Sujihiki
Blade Length:  243 mm
Blade Height:  40
Width at Heel:  3
Core Steel:  VG10
Cladding Steel:  Stainless
Finish:  Fujin Tsuchime
Handle Shape:  Octagonal
Handle Material:  Poplar
Handle Length:  134
Total Length:  395
Weight:  150