Masutani Santoku 165mm VG1



Mr Masutani is a knifemaker based in Takafu, Echizen City, Fukui Prefecture. He is a 4th generation knife maker with over 30 years’ experience. He is well known as skilled sharpener and wants to provide great knives at a great price. His knives are light and thin, a great first Japanese knife or gift.

Santoku translates to “3 virtues”, good for fish, meat and vegetables. Though they are a taller knife, which makes control a little easier, the santoku is generally smaller in length and perfect for any small prep job. This Santoku has a brown, pakka wood, western handle.

VG10 and VG1 are stainless steels that make great kitchen knives. They are made by Takefu Steel and are very tough, corrosion resistant cutlery steels. VG10 is a more complex alloy but both hold a sharp edge well, they are great steels for any kitchen.

Measurements and photographs are taken from a random knife and may differ from the knife you receive.

Details and Specifications

Maker:  Masutani Homono
Shape:  Santoku
Blade Length:  169 mm
Blade Height:  47
Width at Heel:  2
Core Steel:  VG1
Cladding Steel:  Stainless
Finish:  Tsuchime
Handle Shape:  Octagonal
Handle Material:  Oak
Handle Length:  128
Total Length:  308
Weight:  123
Masutani Santoku 165mm VG1
Masutani Santoku 165mm VG1
Masutani Santoku 165mm VG1
Masutani Santoku 165mm VG1
Masutani Santoku 165mm VG1