Higonokami 70mm Aogami 2 (M)




A Higonokami is a folding pocket knife originating in Miki, Hyōgo Prefecture, Japan in 1896. When the name "Higonokami" was trademarked in 1910 there were 40 families making the pocketknives.  Now there is only one manufacturer, Nagao Kanekoma Factory, which is legally allowed to call its knives "Higonokami". For over 100 years the family factory has made knives and is currently managed by the fifth generation blacksmith Mitsuo Nagao.

Aogami, also known as Blue paper steel due to the colour of the paper it came wrapped in, is a high carbon steel made by Hitachi Metals. Aogami is known for its sharpness and edge retention, blue paper steels are considered some of the best carbon steels in the world. It’s like Shirogami but with added tungsten and chromium to give it better edge retention, it comes in 3 grades Aogami #1, #2 & Aogami Super.

This knife is made from carbon steel and will form rust if it is left wet after use.

Details and Specifications

Maker:  Nagao Kanekoma Factory
Shape:  Higonokami
Blade Length:  70 mm
Blade Height:  13
Width at Heel:  3
Core Steel:  Aogami 2
Cladding Steel:  Iron
Finish:  Migaki
Handle Shape:  Higo
Handle Material:  Brass
Handle Length:  100
Total Length:  170
Higo, Higonokami
Higonokami 70mm Aogami 2 (M)
Higonokami 70mm Aogami 2 (M)
Higonokami 70mm Aogami 2 (M)